The farmhouse chic appearance trend is still prevalent, and we are often asked if this aesthetic is possible with luxury vinyl plank and tile. The answer is yes, and in today’s post, we will tell you more about it, how to achieve it, and what you can expect from it, so read along for more information now.

Your farmhouse look can benefit from luxury vinyl tile and plank

Hardwood flooring is a natural choice when many homeowners think of the farmhouse appearance. But the good news is you can achieve this appearance easily with luxury vinyl tile and plank.

Both vinyl formats mimic the beautiful appearances that are so common in today’s farmhouse décor line. In addition, you'll find the look of various hardwood types, including barn lumber, distressed, sawn boards, and so much more.

You’ll also find plenty of color options that add another layer to this appearance, with whitewash, gray, honey, copper, and plenty of others. Just think of the variety you want, and that's just what you'll find.
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