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Laminate is affordable flooring with a high-end look

Laminate flooring is a great option when considering wood and tile flooring. The synthetic floor covering has four layers that are bonded together during the lamination process. Typically, these planks and tiles are installed in kitchens and family and living rooms, but the flooring can be placed anywhere in the home, including in moisture-prone spaces. After Eight Interiors offers the best laminate flooring to the Calgary, Alberta, area. Schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation, and we bring the showroom to you.

Multiple layers add durability

The backing layer supports the plank or tile and protects it from wear. The fiberboard core layer, which makes up the bulk of the flooring, is next in the stack of layers. The wear layer protects the printed wood, stone, or ceramic image layer from scratches and stains. Most planks and tiles are designed for floating floor installation. Because of its no-attachment to the subfloor design, a laminate floor covering can be installed over most existing hard surface flooring as well as a wood subfloor.

Water-resistant flooring

Both standard and waterproof laminate flooring tolerate moisture. Water won't soak into standard brands. Instead, it pools on the surface, so cleanup is easy. But while the flooring can withstand spills and surface moisture, any liquid must be wiped up immediately, so damage does not occur. Waterproof laminate planks and tiles, on the other hand, won't sustain damage as long as the water is removed within the amount of time noted in the manufacturer's specifications. Typically, this period is about one day.

AC rating

Laminate flooring is tested by an independent entity and subsequently assigned an AC rating or measurement of durability. The abrasion coefficient rating varies from AC1 to AC5. Planks and tiles must be able to stand up to anything that might reduce their lifespan. Thus, tests measure resistance to burns, stains, impacts, moisture, and various types of abrasion that can occur during a typical day. Laminate-rated AC3 is appropriate for high-traffic areas in the home. Commercial flooring is rated AC4 and AC5.
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After Eight Interiors, established in 1993, provides services like residential and commercial installation, design consultation, and area rug binding as well as premium quality products. Flooring estimates are free. While our showroom is in Calgary, we have an extensive service area that includes Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, High River, Diamond Valley, Crossfield, and Canmore, AB. It's easy to get started with your laminate flooring upgrade. Contact us via email or phone or visit our showroom and talk to a flooring specialist.